How to add a video

 - Go to "Add Content" and click on "Video".

- Copy the headline of your video into the title

- Click on "disable rich-text" directly under the text-field

- Copy the link of your video or click on "share","embed video" and copy the content into the text-field

- Click a second time on "disable rich-text" directly under the text-field.

- Check, if the content is protected by copyright (do not violate copyright law)

- Any text above the link will be seen above the video. Any text below the video will be seen below the video.

- Fill in or look for "Keywords" in the 4 sections below the text-field. Fill in relevant informations in order to make the document easily accessible with our taxonomy-tool.

Example: Other Keywords: Antioxidants, Therapeutic intervention: Bio-immune-therapy, Therapeutic Substance(s): Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Disease(s): Covid 19 . Multiple keywords can be divided by using a comma.

- ONLY use keywords that are proposed by the website. Creating new ones could mess up the taxonomy system. IF YOU NEED A SPECIFIC KEYWORD, feel free to message any administrator to implement one. Thank you!

- If you want to add any additional data, you can use the "File attachments" in order to upload any file related to the study.

- Legal Documents might be something to fill out, if the study has important informations for legal discussions

- Adding a country and organisation is not mandatory but can help. Feel free to use it.

 After filling in all the information, press save or preview, if you want to check one last time. The video will then be connected to the taxonomy tool and online.