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How to kill two mosquitos in one blow


Dr. Paul Marik says in this interview that the most effective method of eradicating Covid 19 is not a vaccine, but to give Ivermectin, vitamin D, and Aspirin prevention to the entire population. As a side effect, you can also then get rid of Malaria, because Malaria mosquitoes that have bitten Ivermectin-treated die ....
By giving Ivermectin and Chlorine Dioxide to the population, two very cheap and safe medications, we can most likely eradicate both Covid and Malaria and the need for covid vaccine https://www.medicdebate.org/node/2352,

Now we also have discussion forums!


Now I learned how to embed youtube videos


Click on Share on the youtube page, and then on "embed"

Then you use "full html" and "disable rich text", and the video will be displayed.

I finally got it together!

Today I feel that the site is good enough in orderto start focusing more on content than technology.
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